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Types of Service Requests


Some people simply would like to have a question answered, whether it is related to a product related how-to or simply wanting to learn more about OnePlan security. Our team is here to help you get those questions answered!


An incident is an issue with the product that requires technical assistance from OnePlan’s support and/or product team. When everything works exactly the way it's meant to, your OnePlan solution operates without any issues. But when something doesn't, it causes unplanned interruptions and results in an incident. Incidents can be related to a product defect or configuration defect. If a product defect is discovered, the incident is escalated to our product team for further troubleshooting and resolution.

Product Request

We love hearing about how you use our solutions and what you think would make them better. When you run into something that doesn't work quite the way you would like it to, or you have an idea for something that would enhance one of our products, we want to hear from you!

To share your suggestions, ideas, and feedback, all you need to do create a Product Request. Before you post, we suggest that you read the product feedback guidelines, which also includes helpful information on how to submit an effective Feature Request. We get A LOT of feedback and appreciate the insight. The product team reviews feedback on a bi-weekly basis. Approved Feature Requests are associated to a user story in our backlog system and the service request is closed. Even though the service request is closed, we are not committing to the enhancement. That will be decided on in our release and backlog planning. We will continue to manage the backlog item and will notify you if it is associated to a release. If/when the item is planned for a release, we will notify you of its progress.

OnePlan Advantage

Advantage requests will be routed to your Technical Account Manager. Your Advantage subscription includes services such as: